• Meet Eric Walker

    Hi, I’m Eric Walker.

    Eric Walker 2015

    I have this blog where I post succinct (and not so succinct) thoughts, insights and ideas about inspiration, motivation, grief, loss, memory, mattering, gratitude, relationships, remarkable communication, work, marketing, writing, family, fitness, parenting, romance and all varieties of stories that shape the world within us and orbit around meaning, money and love. Yep, the topics at my blog, like life, are all over the place. I admit, I’ve been messy.

    It’s a personal blog. I’m not posturing as an expert. More so collecting bits & pieces of life, adding thoughts & responses to make them significant and declaring them precious (because we all have and *should* exercise that right). Yet, when I write these ditties, I am talking to you. I’ve made this a practice over the years, and as a result have attracted a small interest from people over time because of the things I have written, which has led not only to little bit of earned income, but genuine relationships I cherish.

    When it comes to writing a personalish blog, I look at it like this… we don’t eat once every few days. We don’t breathe once a week. Hunger and breathing are continuous. And so is learning. Learning from our lives is closer to hunger and breathing than it is a quarterly chore. I am committed to write near daily to harness that hunger, breathing and learning. You don’t need a blog to do so, but that’s how I have chosen to do it.

    I’m proud of the blog. I go through seasons where I publish often and seasons when I don’t. Every once in a while (like now) I invite others (you) to subscribe via email. Why? Because I want access to your BEST social network, which is your email inbox. I don’t do comments on the blog and rarely engage on the Facebooks and Twitters. It’s more *real* between two people via email.

    The big idea is that you might sit down after reading a post of mine, and we might inbox over coffee; that I might be a trusted ally and just maybe I might know enough to help you make the next move, and could help you see a better path or perspective toward your own desires and successes.

    If you’d like to subscribe do so here.

    The picture here is the most recent picture taken of me. I was riding my bike down the Kalamazoo River Trail picking blackberries and laughing with my girlfriend Stephanie.