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Eric Walker KalmazooThe emails you receive from me are succinct thoughts, insights and ideas about inspiration, motivation, grief, loss, memory, mattering, gratitude, relationships, remarkable communication, work, marketing, writing, family, fitness, parenting, romance and all varieties of stories that shape the world within us. 

The big idea is that you might sit down after reading a post of mine and think I’m a trusted ally. I might know enough to help you make your next move. Maybe the things I write will help you see a better path or perspective toward your own desires and successes.  

For some, it’s none of the above, they just like it that I consistently show up to their inbox having collected a small moment of life with thoughts and responses and the declaration that it is precious. 

One reader wrote:

“Hey Eric I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoy and look forward to reading your daily posts that show up to my email inbox. I find it inspiring. I love how you keep it real and honest. In a world full of bullshit, you’re a real treat. Thanks.” 

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