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    This is my most recent picture - taken on my 38th birthday with my daughter Ella and son Lucan

    This is my most recent picture – taken on my 38th birthday with my daughter Ella and son Lucan

    In 2008, Eric quit his 8th grade English public school teaching job, and without a shred of marketing knowledge or experience, set out to make a living via the Internet. Ha! It was rough going to say the least.

    Here’s the back story:

    At the time, Eric was hot and heavy with the mother of his two children. Katie was making money hand over fist as a server, manager and performer at Eric’s step dad’s restaurant. A place called Louie’s.

    Eric was miserable in his teaching position for various personal reasons, which is a story for another day, but on the whole he saw that teaching was a dead end. He no longer believed in the public education system or the results it created, and longed to learn a new way. Enter the Internet.

    Who is Eric Walker

    Let’s dive in. This picture is from early Spring 2012 with my daughter Ella.

    Eric had been sharing these feelings with Katie all school year. She agreed to temporarily help fill the financial cracks where and if needed.

    So Eric decided to go for it. He  resigned his teaching position on May 15, 2008 and on June 1st Eric and Katie moved into a home together.

    As they were moving items into their new house, Katie let Eric know that she needed to tell him something important. Katie was pregnant (with what would be their first daughter Ella).

    Eric Walker & Kaitlin Rose with Ella

    This picture is from early summer 2010. Katie is nursing Ella and I’m sitting in for family time.

    Louie’s was a smoking establishment. And between the smoke and being on her feet all day long, working at Louie’s not an option for a pregnant woman. In hindsight, Eric admits that the first thing he should have done was walk back into the office to ask for his teaching position back. But he didn’t.

    Instead, Eric did all he’s ever known to do: put his head down, work hard and survive. He got a job mopping floors at a grocery store, and freelancing articles for his local newspaper, and substitute teaching, and a lot of time in front of the computer to move forward toward his dream of an upgraded lifestyle.

    It wasn’t always pretty, but Eric and Katie made it. There were fights and break ups. There were wins and losses. There were wonderful moments and great memories. There was frustration and sadness. They both learned a lot about meaning, money and love. Lessons that they’re still unpacking together.

    Eric Walker | date night

    This picture was taken in 2011. It’s me and Katie having a beer in Kalamazoo for one-on-one time.

    Through it all, Eric gained more and more confidence and capability to earn a living as a content and copywriter. By 2010, Eric was consistently earning a full time income, and could afford to no longer have side jobs. He had managed to put in an honest days work for an honest days pay without worry if the bills would be paid. The kids were fed, and there was enough for date night (and an occasional new dress to go with it too).

    Eric is a home based Internet marketer specializing in content marketing funnels with an emphasis on writing profit producing email autoresponder sequences. He has been contracted by some of the biggest Internet marketing personalities and “gurus” to write high impact response and result driven email promotions.

    Eric Walker Marketing

    This picture was taken at a marketing event that I presented. Here we all are gathering around for an intimate lesson on content marketing creation.

    His strength is creating strong word pictures and analogies that engage the reader. Eric has a wide variety of experience with many different forms of sales and communication including speaking, one-on-one, group training, webinars, videos, social media, email, blogging and sales letters. He’s created dozen upon dozens of successful campaigns and promotions.

    Eric’s passions and interests include (obviously) marketing, writing, fitness and family.

    Cheers, and thank you for visiting my page. Use the links below to connect with me at your social network of choice.

    Cheers, and thank you for visiting my page. Use the links below to connect with me at your social network of choice.



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