What It Means To Be a “Freak” In My World

Remember when you used the word “freak” to describe someone?

I do. It wasn’t a term of endearment. I was wrong.

All those that I called “freak” were awesome individuals – ahead of their time in self assurance alone, non-conforming of “popular.” I insecurely held onto popular. In hindsight, the lesson has been to realize that fitting-in will slow you down.

Now days, “freak” to me is understanding that…

  • Fitting in isn’t the goal
  • Being human is more important than being right
  • The labels don’t line up
  • It’s time to be dog-goned about choosing our own adventure
  • It’s not always pretty!
  • You define your meaning of success.

That’s what a freak has become in my world.

Are you a freak?

If so, learn more here.