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Month: February 2018

Stop Hiding

You’ve failed and cried then picked yourself from the floor.

You’ve overcome what you didn’t think you could overcome.

You’ve burned black holes in dark memories.

You’ve made amends with the sore spots on the tread of your soul.

You’ve healed strong in a broken place.

You were broke. Now you have money.

You’re an expert at something and it’s time to share.

You’re involved in a new venture, show your work.

You have a unique hobby and a brilliant idea. Tell us about it.

You have a lifetime of resonant hunches, griefs, secrets, and confusions. Choose one.

You made it to the other side.

What has been born from it?

What is coming to life in you?

What do you already know before you hear it? Because that’s why you’re in the world.

Nothing standing out? What photos, memories, relationships, or observations from your life needs to be written down for the next generation?

I don’t know what this looks like for you, but for me, I don’t look toward the end of the road. I take the first step, and I can see the next step from there. I keep stepping.

For me, I shake myself loose from myself and spill my guts onto this blog.

For you, maybe it’s video. Maybe it’s Instagram.

Maybe it’s a hand written “sloppy copy” on the back of an envelope.

Or a ranting audio file on

The goal is to know what it feels like to practice creating from the core, in the spirit of yourself.

I see life as noticing something interesting then saying something creative about it. Isn’t that all we’re looking for? The practice of sharing what you notice about the world is exactly the antidote for fear.

So… this blog post is encouragement to us both, as well as my way of explaining one of my values. I think it’s worthwhile to midwife what’s in you into the world.

Whatever it is, you get to determine the purpose.

You get to hone-in on the message.

You are responsible for inspiring, teaching, and sharing your value.

More than anything, simply practice creating from the core, in the spirit of yourself. Then put that into the world and watch what happens.

When you commit to creating in the spirit of yourself, you schedule a time and place to do the work. 10 minutes a day works. Doing so will improve your thinking and your attitude. Do it long enough, and your trajectory in life will trend upward too.

I see a pattern in the world. The people that are creating from their core, creating in the spirit of themselves are not waiting to be picked.

They’re not taking orders.

They’re not abiding just because.

They’re taking the initiative and creating life on their terms.

They’re taking what they’ve learned or gained through the adversity they’ve faced, and “packaging” THAT so it’s of value to those who would benefit. Even if it’s a small blog post like this.

Don’t write in a diary. Make what you do public.

Why? The problem with diaries is they’re private. Private means in-hiding. The point is to stop hiding.

The point – because I think everyone is able – is to say one thing that’s new that you can stand behind.

Tribute to my daughter Ella on her 9th birthday

I am the proud father of Ella Rose Walker. My love for Ella, and the closeness we share, is precious to me. This page is a tribute to her. For as long as this blog exists, I will update this page each year. Here’s a brief tour of Ella’s time line.

Late 2008. The beautiful Kaitlin Rose, 23 years old, with Ella Rose in the womb.

Ella was born at home on the morning of February 4, 2009 with the presence of her grandma Patti and great grandma Irma, which marked four generations all together. We lived on Ingleside Terrace in Kalamazoo.

2010 – Ella age 1. We moved to Portland, Oregon. We lived in a studio basement apartment in a trendy area at NW 23rd and Hoyt. Kaitlin walked Ella in a stroller – or wore her – all over that city. We lived there for 7 months.

2011 – Ella age 2. Ella and her Dad grew closer this year after her brother Lucan was born in June. We lived at Grandma Patti’s lake house and during quiet moments when Kaitlin and Lucan needed to be alone, Dad and Ella would take the paddle boat out to the middle of the lake and jump in.

2012 – Ella age 3. We moved to Remine Street in Kalamazoo, which was a fun street with families and children Ella’s age. She made friends and played a lot.

2013 – Ella age 4. Ella and Lucan grew close this year. These two don’t even realize it yet, but they are best friends.
Ella started pre-school at Parkwood Upjohn Elementary. Our home on Remine St was within walking distance. Ella had a fantastic experience with Mrs. Parker at pre-school.

2014 – Ella age 5. This was a year of change. She started Kindergarten. Ada was born. She spent time with Kaitlin’s boyfriend and his son. She spent time with my girlfriend and her son. I moved to Southworth Terrace.

2015 – Ella age 6. Ella learned to read in first grade. She participated as a cheerleader for a school function. I began to notice Ella’s athletic ability. She is coordinated, fast and graceful on her feet.

2016 – Ella age 7. Ella switched schools shortly after the start of second grade. The change has proven monumental. She bloomed in a big way. She lost her two front teeth.

2017 – Ella age 8. Ella is rapidly growing. As her father, I’m bias, but the only thing that exceeds her outer beauty is her inner beauty. Ella displays characteristics and behaviors that point to her emotional maturity and empathetic nature. She also has a wild side that craves adventure.

February 3, 2018 – One day before Ella’s 9th birthday. Ella is in her favorite section of the library reading about her favorite topic, which she wouldn’t want me to tell you about so I will leave that part out. Suffice to say, Ella has interests and curiosities that she passionately pursues.