Let’s Catch a Ball Game

Let’s catch a ball game this summer, something local in our town. I love the idea of talking real talk with you in-between my narrative about the baseball being played on field. The people watching is fun too. I think you’d get a kick out of the vendors hustling beer. I want us to sing Take Me Out To The Ball Game together in the seventh inning. I would order a brat with kraut and peppers. What would you order? I’d have this poem my grandpa wrote about baseball in my back pocket. After he passed I rewrote it. Maybe I would read it to you, stopping to explain every line. I love baseball and I loved my grandpa. You’d see me smile with my eyes. They might even glisten in the rereading. Those eyes that would be so open to you and I look up to smile at you staring back at me deep. Then we’d fall in love.