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Believe In Yourself

My Ella drew this at age five. She won’t be an artist someday. She’s an artist now.

What I love to do isn’t something I will be someday. It’s living inside of me right now.

I was born with love and passion, talent and strengths. So were you. We don’t have to wait until some future unknown day for that truth to be actualized. We are living, breathing works of art. Now. Complete and rich, creative and capable. Beyond the restraints of Resistance in our mind. Beyond the fear that lies beneath.

Believe in yourself.

How do you believe in yourself if you don’t believe in yourself?

My experience has required many mistakes. I acknowledge mistakes as little pieces of feedback necessary to grow and learn. Most people are afraid of making mistakes. We were conditioned to be afraid of mistakes as kids.

The things I thought I’d most fear have come to pass. They aren’t comfortable, but as I keep accumulating mistakes, I’ve begun to embrace them. Each time a little bit of fear is let go.

So in order to believe in yourself, consider making more mistakes. It sounds counter intuitive. Yet doing so allows us to remove things that hold us back.

How do you make more mistakes?

Do things you love. Things like …

  • Pursue an ideal career
  • Start your own business
  • Stick to important habits
  • Get married, raise a family
  • Ask that attractive person to a date
  • Burn black holes in dark memories
  • Assert yourself in an area of life
  • Push past your comfort zone

Do any of the above, you will make mistakes. You will screw it up.

It’s completely fine to try and fail, to put yourself out there, not be perfect, to say hello to someone and have them not instantly love you, to do something and have people judge you. Do this long enough and you will come to realize how great you were all along.

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