Morning Moves – Break the Pattern

We all feel anger, fear, worry, upset or stress.

We all travel back in time and feel regret about something or another.

We all travel into the future and feel a worry that hasn’t occurred.

We feel these things for our job, relationships, children, health, etc, etc.

We have all had situations where we snap at someone, but it wasn’t them, it was our current state of being. We have all been there. It’s normal.

The Difference is How Long We Stay In That Negative State of Being

How long are you staying there?

The difference is our habitual patterns that we unknowingly ride into those self defeating states of being. The entire reason why I share these “morning moves” is so you can start your day off with a “move” that positively influences your state of being.

I’ve been sharing one PHYSICAL ACTIVITY that you can perform each morning immediately out of bed so our mind and body is in alignment to have a good day. That starts with optimizing our posture.

Think of it in these terms…

…if we’re in a depressed state of being consider your posture. Our shoulders are slumped, our head is downward, our breath is shallow, we’re quiet, we’re slow, we’re heavy not light.

We know this for two reasons:

1. we’ve all seen it in others and

2. we’ve all spent a part of our life practicing to be that way ourselves.

Take a few days to stop and reflect about this for yourself.

So if we can “just” (simply) and radically change our bodies (posture) first thing out of bed, we’ll tremendously improve our state of being. Because exercise – even just one simple movement like the ones I offer you – forces our shoulders to be pushed forward, our head to be upright, our breath to inhale deep. We’ll be intentional with our voice. Our body’s direction and expression will be happy, strong, soft, light. That’s the idea behind the “morning move” practice. For me and for a lot of people, it’s physical movement that is best for accomplishing this.

Try These Alternative (that are not physical) “Morning Moves”

Your morning move doesn’t have to be physical. That’s not the only game in town.

There are three other “muscles” you can flex first thing in the morning that will help you step aside from negative feelings and thoughts. There are other morning moves that produce good posture, alertness and a positive state, and you can practice this habitually to replace the old pattern of bad thoughts. Those three other muscles are the mental, emotional and spiritual muscle.

Remember, we want to break an old pattern and replace it with a better one.

Recently, I’ve changed my morning routine away from a physical movement.

The greenhouse season is in full swing. We’re planting every day, all day. It’s game on! I love it. So I wake up and I want to get right to work. I’m into it. The great thing about greenhouse season is that it’s a game to see if you can make less mistakes from the season the before. Now that the season is under way, I am excited about this game. As soon as I wake up I want to get crackin’.

I don’t want to exercise or write in my journal. I’m not saying I don’t do those things. I’m just not doing them first thing out of bed. Instead, my first move is into emotion or into laughter as I prepare myself nutritionally. I have about 20 minutes.

Here’s a sample of what I’ve been connecting with in those first 20 minutes out of bed.


Laughing is good. How many times do your children laugh per day? Compare that to how many times us adults laugh per day…

These videos recently have made me laugh:

Anything from Jerry Seinfeld’s Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

This Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon Lip Sync Battle between Joseph Gordon Levitt, Stephen Merchant and Jimmy Fallon was funny

I find most of Louie CK’s comedy humorous. This skit especially about Love and Relationships

This one is great if you’ve never seen it. Newhart could solve a lot of personal issues with this therapy. You don’t need drugs.

Reply with the comedy videos that make you laugh out loud.

All of the above are funny. They make me laugh. Laughter makes me smile. Smiling changes my posture. Laughing also releases “happy chemicals.” I’d love to explain from a scientific standpoint what happens when you laugh… but I’m not that fluent. Suffice to say it’s something about laughter that has always proven to have a powerful and positive effect on physical, emotional health and wellbeing. It heals and renews the mind, and works fast to bring mind and body into balance. Great way to start the day.


Music is great too. For morning listening, I use Spotify and lean toward music without words.

Here are two albums currently in rotation:

Deep Focus Indie Rock Alternative Electronic (Music for Concentration, Intense Studying, Perfect Concentration, Brain Food, Music for Study, Productive Morning, Afternoon Acoustic)

Zen Medidation Music Academy

I haven’t pulled myself away from these albums either:

Bob Dylan – New Morning

John Mayer – The Search for Everything (wave one)

Reply with the music you have in rotation.


Or I feed my mind with poetry, which I consider spirituality.

I love poetry because I love language and remarkable communication. I also love poetry because it allows me to be constructive in connecting to pain (mine or the universal pain we all have felt). Poetry helps me to discover more about myself and how I want to connect to life. Here are

The Layers by Stanley Kunitz

I Went Into the Maverick Bar by Gary Snyder

Traveling in the Dark by William Stafford

The Things You Do Not Have to Say by William Stafford

River Teeth: An Introduction by David James Duncan

Send me your favorite poem.

I want to be the strongest version of myself so I have a checklist every day that includes physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. I know that if I just mark the boxes off this checklist, I’ll be okay

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