Vlog #6 What I Talk About When I Talk About Healthy Living

Healthy Living is…

I have to give credit to James Altucher for introducing me to the language of healthy living. Innately, I always knew it to be true, but he gave me the language for better communication.

Physical – exercise, fitness, good sleep, proper nutrition, hydration, organ function. This provides the stamina, sustainability and optimal function to perform life.

Mental – being creative, writing down ideas, keeping a journal, anything to keep the mind sharp. This creates opportunities.

Emotional – loving yourself, having a good relationship with yourself, being reflective, choosing your own well being as #1, being independent. It’s also having quality relationships, surrounding yourself with good people and dealing with crappy people in a way that works for you.

Spiritual – being grateful. Finding the thing to be grateful for even when you don’t think there’s much to be grateful for. Finding and belonging with organized groups like church or man breakfasts or YMCA functions…stuff you can step back from and feel good about making a difference in your and/or someone else’s because of organized effort.

All four of these are required for healthy living. There needs to be balance among them but all four of them need practice else we atrophy and get weak.

My passion is to initiate these conversations with people. I feel I can make the world a better place by helping myself and others find their “Healthy Living” practice.

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