Sunday Newsletter – Hitting Stride

This is the work that I’m immersed. Today I want to share with you what I’ve been doing to find my stride. I’m sharing it with you because my goal is to be the strongest version of myself. My opinion is that the world is a better place if we are all our best version of healthy.

Since New Years Day, I have made a choice every single day. I think to myself: What is wrong is just as available as what is right. I am going to take control of my focus. I will not suffer.

That was initiated because of a break up, but it quickly became less about the break up and more about all aspects of life in-general.

What I found is that my “muscles” were not strong in this department. I was not capable of snapping my fingers, and 90 seconds later, turning what I thought was a problem into a solution. Or changing my perspective. Or redirecting my focus. I’ve been working HARD on this. Now I’m starting to feel the results. They say a new habit takes 21 days to form (though that is highly debated and scientifically unproven). It has been 22 days of practice for me.

I’m not saying everything is rainbows and unicorns. I’m saying what is wrong is just as available as what is right, and I’ve been successful at taking control of my focus. This has improved the quality of my life.

22 days in, and I feel I’ve achieved enough momentum that I’m at a steady pace. I’ve reached the level at which I’ve observed how to function most competently. I can allow the waves of “pain” in stride, and deal with it calmly or “acceptingly.” (is that a word?)


Small workouts every day that don’t take longer than 12 minutes.

Always waking with 100 push ups, situps and air squats or bulgarian split squats. Then another workout at noon or early evening before dinner.

Yoga every Tuesday. The yoga has been pivotal. Especially for my breath work. Not to mention, that particular yoga community has made me feel very welcome.


Meet ups. I’m averaging three or more per week. Just meeting with new people I don’t know well but would like to know. I’m seeking wise people.

I’m listening to people far better.

I’m feeling compassion for everyone.

I’m choosing to bring my best energy to people and I can see how positive the impact is. In general, I want to talk to everyone. I’m curious about people and life. I feel free to be the unique me that is me.


Writing in my journal every morning. This is honest, raw writing only for me.

Being creative for the heck of it with no agenda.

Writing my stories. Submitting some of them off to other websites.

Writing down all my ideas and taking the first step. Eliminating most of my ideas after taking the first step. Getting SUPER clear on what I want by going over it every day. I’m in a relationship with myself and I am discussing that relationship’s future with myself.

Writing at my blog, on Facebook and to you with no intention other than documenting my process and my journey and hopefully helping you in some way or another.

I’m setting aside personal time to research business models, listen to Tony Robbins or learn of work that a wise person has recommended me.


I meditate. I’ve never meditated in my life, but I have now figured it out. It took a lot of practice.

I have found my breath. I have found my breath for different occasions. I have noticed my breath in different situations.

I have my dream board and the variations of visualizations that go with it. I have a healing visualization. I have incantations I say, or often yell, while driving in the car or jumping rope so that I am not only saying it, but I am feeling it.

I have a half dozen redirections that keep my focus healthy.

I write my gratitudes every day. I have started a list of my all-time great gratitudes. I take the time to write “hard gratitudes” when it’s necessary.

I take notice when I feel the heart squeeze, knotted, nervous stomach, which is what I refer to when I talk of my “pain.” I am able to sit with it. I understand why it’s there and I am so relieved that it’s not actual heart break after all, it’s just unfinished personal growth work.

Every other Sunday, I travel to different Unitarian churches in Michigan. These mini-travels to places like Grand Rapids, Ann Arbor (and my own Kalamazoo) to meet like-minded communities has made my heart grow. I have cried with strangers.

This is what a relationship with myself looks like and feels like, and it’s new to me, and now that I’m finding my stride with it, I feel deeply grateful.




PS. Yesterday, January 21, 2017 was a historic day for our country. This is how I feel about it and what I offer to you.