Love Songs Door to Door, Like Caroling

We were door to door love song caroling on Valentine’s Day evening.

What a concept, eh?!

It was Alicia’s idea after reading a blog post of mine that reflected on Valentine’s Day. I think I called it the Christmas of love and Alicia commented “I want to sing love songs door to door 🙂 like caroling…”

So we started PM’ing each other and decided to make it happen. We had a good crew turn out for the event.

Ben was on guitar. Don had a singing bowl. Alicia and her daughter, Corinna and her daughter and me and my Ella were on vocals.

We chose the songs and practiced at Alicia’s house before hand for about 45 minutes. We were good enough. We learned songs like Love Me Do by The Beatles. Can’t Help Falling in Love with You by Elvis. A handful of others too that you would recognize. We made it to about 8 houses.

We also carried a little boom box that plugged into a smart phone so we could play “Can’t Stop That Feeling” by Justin Timberlake. We played that song if kids answered to the door.

One such experience was when a Latino family arrived at their door. It was a mother and four children, three of them were daughters about the same age or a little younger than our daughters. The mother told us that none of them spoke English. We turned on “Can’t Stop That Feeling” and just danced.

At first, I don’t think the family knew what to think or do. Our daughters were dancing. They love that song. Then the Latina daughters began dancing with our daughters. It was like a love explosion. Music was our universal love language.

Our hearts were SO filled up to the brim with this experience. We gave love and we were given love in return. The Beatles were correct when they sang, “In the end, the love you get is equal to the love you give.”

This experience of mine reminded me (yet again) how important it is to be kind, give love, spread joy, share smiles.

Peace, Love, Dove,

SIDE NOTE: This week I’m skipping Morning Moves and I may skip it next week too… My routine has changed now that the Greenhouse season is upon me. That might be a good topic to write about… Routine Change.