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May I Have Your Testimonial?

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I want to live a good life and show by example how to live a good life to the people around me who I love and respect: my family, friends, colleagues. Hopefully readers, listeners, clients and customers too as I grow my blog/business.

This all revolves around my mission/theme, which is to help you do work that matters, make money from your value, and move toward love.

To be successful in this mission, I will grow my reach in the world.

Right now, I’m getting started. I’m grateful to have even a tiny tiny bit of reach. I think I’ve had a positive impact on a few of you (because you told me so). I know I matter to my daughter. ha ha. Seriously though, right now I’m asking myself, “How can I get this theme I believe in out into the world? How can I PUSH it ALL forward?” This is hungry work.

So today, I’m asking for your testimonial.

Have I ever helped you?

If so, how?

Whether it be focused on marketing, one of my training webinars, writing, making meaning, friendship, leadership, good-guyman-ship, bravery, vulnerability, etc, or maybe it was just something you read that I posted that struck you in a unique way, I’d like to know.

Have I contributed in some way?

If so, today I’d like to ask you to take a moment to share your thoughts. If you believe in me, it matters.

Here’s why it matters: I have a vision.

I have creativity.

I have a voice. My voice is my power.

Your good words help me with the PUSH.

That helps with trust, and trust helps life get better for everyone around us. The only testimonial that truly matters to me is my own. No wait… That’s not true. I care what you think.

Nonetheless, nobody else can take away my self worth, or argue with me on it. But sometimes it helps to have at least one more testimonial. The more the better.

If you’re willing to write (or even better, record a video) a testimonial for me, you may post it below in the comments, or send it to

Bonus points if you’re willing to include your profile picture.

Grateful for you. Thanks.


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  1. As I became more and more familiar with Daily Marketing Coach and the people who teach, I knew I could finally get the breakthroughs I really needed. One of my struggles was composing my thoughts in a strategic way for best impact. No one had ever taught specifics until a webinar I was on with Eric Walker. After a few minutes I thought, “Wow, this is going to be good!” Eric laid out in a matter of minutes, a method for creating essential pages for my blog. He went on to explain the Whys and Hows and finished with an offer to critique it for those interested. This one webinar by Eric, saved me countless hours of research and at the end I received a personal ‘top to bottom’ analysis. Really!… Who is willing to go that far? Much appreciated Eric….

  2. Eric Walker is one of a kind. I mean that in the most genuine way…he is kind, gives from the heart and leads by example. As I thought about what I wanted to say about Eric many thoughts entered and left my mind. So…to get right to the point here is my testimonial about Mr. Eric Walker –

    Eric has taught me how to be the “real” me. By writing about his most personal thoughts, his daily life and experiences he has shown me that others can learn by other’s failures as much as successes. He has shown me that there are no failures…only ways that things don’t work. As long as you pick yourself up, dust yourself off and keep going you have not failed but you have succeeded in every form of the word.

    Eric is a great marketer, mentor, teammate and family man. I’d be proud to recommend him personally, professionally and with both thumbs up!!!!

  3. Greg Watts Greg Watts

    I have known Eric since childhood, and his attitude and outlook on life are still the same. Eric is full of energy, creativity, and life that reflects a positive aura which draw people to him. His love for family and thirst for knowledge enhance his passion to be the best he can be. Eric has and will forever have my highest recommendation.

  4. Eric Walker is one of my favorite content creators. I first came upon Eric’s marketing training inside of an online marketing, coaching and mentoring membership.

    So I know Eric mainly from marketing, but where Eric shines brightest is teaching story crafting and relationship building with your list through email with great copy.

    What I love about Eric’s work and why I’m such a super fan is because he’s a foundational educator. He’s constantly encouraging the fundamental process of writing even though all the more sexy elements of content creation have more pull. Writing well is hard work, shooting video is way more appealing, but we need it all these days.

    His content keeps me accountable and challenges me with simplicity. I always open and actually read his stuff.

  5. Eric is an amazing teacher who has contributed to my professional growth in significant ways.

    While his talents and abilities are too numerous to list in these comments, I will speak to his style. Warm, ingratiating, and inspiring, Eric made me feel personally welcome in his classes/sessions. He invited me to be ok with what I didn’t know and to learn comfortably. He has always extended himself as counselor and motivator. Most importantly, he keeps his lessons simple and digestible.

    All around, Eric is one of the best in the business!

  6. Ethan Alexander Ethan Alexander

    Climb the ladder at work.
    Be a powerful leader.
    Love your partner.
    Make lots of money.
    Maintain your sanity.

    Can we really do all of those things?? In a world that moves soooo fast, there are some voices that stand out. Some people who are brave enough to be honest. There are some words that jump off the page. There are people who have enough courage to speak their truth. Eric Walker is one of those people. I love what he puts out into the world because I know that it is real. It is his truth that he is offering to all of us to read. I need this truth. It feeds me. It reminds me that there are people in this world who still wrestle with big questions. Sometimes they come out bruised and battered. Sometimes there is some blood on the page. But, remember, those are OUR questions. That is our fight, too. Eric is just the one who shares the story of the struggle, the victory, and the defeat with us from time to time. I am grateful for that and for him.

  7. Kama Kama

    Eric is present, positive and authentic. I am truly happy to know him and watch him grow in this world. He crafts words to be educating, heart-warming and spot on with raw living. I know he will inspire many and create positive change. He lives with meaning.

  8. Zack Morales Zack Morales

    After checking out some of the material it gave me a completely different perspective on MLM. And after learning that Eric lives in kalamazoo and helps people out who want to learn more about having an online presence I was stoked. And when Eric facebooked me it was a great testament to his character and his desire to help people. Eric and I have met a few times and each time I learn a ton and I feel like it’s exactly what I was wanting to learn. I will recommend Eric to anyone who wants to learn about having an online presence.

  9. I first came across Eric in DMC. We became friends and I started following him after I watched an amazing value packed presentation about Facebook.
    I instantly fell in love with his words and what he stood for. He speaks from his heart. He expresses himself in a way I have never seen.
    He has taught me the importance of content creating and has motivated me to dig deep within to express myself on a deeper level.
    I love how he is always keepin it real. No fluff or hype, just Eric putting it all out there to help people like you and me.
    We have had many great conversations and I am more than grateful for his support with my business. He was so kind to go out of his way to recognize and feature my Youtube channel.
    Eric will always hold a special place in my heart.

  10. Carri Carril Carri Carril

    Wow! I was really moved watching and reading some of the other testimonials on here before writing my own! Eric, you know some really cool people! You have made such an impact on the many tribes you belong to!

    See, I don’t know Eric professionally. I mean, I know what he does…I know some of the people he is influenced by and mentored by, but we have never worked together. Eric and I are what I like to call “ifriends”. We found each other on some common thread…somewhere…once upon a time…”friended” each other on “The Facebook” and have just become cheerleaders for one another.

    It always amazes me how this phenomenon happens online…I mean…two people worlds apart…really very little in common, but somehow managed to see something familiar by what we choose to share of ourselves on the internet.

    People say silly things about online friendships…they don’t trust them…or they think it is crazy to invest in relationships online instead of just walking out the front door and meeting people. I get it. When you put it that does sound crazy……………..but it’s not. I have way too many examples of friends…and I mean true friends…friends that lift me up when I’m down…friends who laugh at my jokes…friends who share themselves very authentically every single day…I just can’t believe the naysayers with that kind of social proof. Eric is one of these people.

    What I appreciate and love the most about Eric is NOT that he is fearless in his pursuit of carving out HIS STORY…but that he allows us to see his fear. He processes out loud…well, to me it is in BOLD TYPE…but I have no doubt that in person it is OUT LOUD. He lets us see it all. He shares the struggle…he shares the process…he shares the…what I like to call “the SUCK”…the bloodied knee times that the life, only of someone who MUST keep growing, experiences!

    I feel blessed, though, when I get to witness those moments when he gets everything right…when the blood has dried and the work has been done…and just like that…the sea is calm…and the brilliance is revealed where the chaos once was! The words are exact…the emotion is felt as if it were my very own……..they are beautiful moments for me because he was, all along the way, transparent, vulnerable, and brave enough to share each step of the journey.

    So, thanks Eric. Thank you for just putting it all out there for those of us who are looking (whether we know it or not) for reflections of ourselves scattered among humanity. You are one of those people who remind me that no matter how unique we are as humans…we are more alike than different.

    Who knew I’d see a little bit of myself in a crazy redhead from Kalamazoo?

  11. Eric is a truly talented man and a gifted teacher. And, what makes him extra special is that he is so willing and eager to share what he knows and has learned with other. He genuinely wants to see other people succeed and that is demonstrated in his ‘Go-Giver’ attitude.

    His knowledge base astounds me! I learn so much every time he does a webinar or live presentation. His teaching style is friendly, conversational, entertaining and engaging while at the same time it is fact and results based.

    Eric is an excellent marketer, content creator, teacher, mentor…and all around really good guy with an amazing positive attitude about work and life!

  12. Eric is a seeker: seeking answers, meanings, experiences, connections. More than that, Eric is a finder, in other words, a successful seeker in having found what he deems precious. Beyond all else, Eric is a keeper.

  13. Hmmm…. Have you ever had that moment in time were you said “ah ha” and knew your life would be forever changed?

    Well that was my first 11 minutes with Eric.

    He taught me what I had been looking to learn from these so called “gurus” for years.

    I have paid thousands upon thousands of dollars and spent years and years with industry leaders to come up with lots of effort and very little actual knowledge gained.

    Eric sat down with me 1:1 and explained the entire process in less than 15 minutes.

    I continue to use the same process for every email campaign and it is like gold.

    To be honest, I had a formula that was working and I had a 87% open rate.

    Now with what I learned from Eric, the emails are now tunring into sales.

    Thanks Eric!

    I really appreciate your no nonsense help!

    Forever a customer!

    Karla Harmer

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