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I believe

I believe in one good spliff

I believe in unlikely origins, unanticipated success, fathers, freedom and redemption. I believe in destiny, heroic journeys and making the right choice when the chips are down. I believe in what endures. I believe in childhood. I believe time tells many stories from a single choice. I believe there exists in us all a relationship between good and evil. I believe in rebellions. I believe in being audacious about hope and committed to liberty. I believe in human rights and the resources of community. I believe in all the complexities of relationship. I believe in rituals to live by, tradition, pride and Santa Claus.

May I Have Your Testimonial?

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I want to live a good life and show by example how to live a good life to the people around me who I love and respect: my family, friends, colleagues. Hopefully readers, listeners, clients and customers too as I grow my blog/business.

This all revolves around my mission/theme, which is to help you do work that matters, make money from your value, and move toward love.

To be successful in this mission, I will grow my reach in the world.

Right now, I’m getting started. I’m grateful to have even a tiny tiny bit of reach. I think I’ve had a positive impact on a few of you (because you told me so). I know I matter to my daughter. ha ha. Seriously though, right now I’m asking myself, “How can I get this theme I believe in out into the world? How can I PUSH it ALL forward?” This is hungry work.

So today, I’m asking for your testimonial.

Have I ever helped you?

If so, how?

Whether it be focused on marketing, one of my training webinars, writing, making meaning, friendship, leadership, good-guyman-ship, bravery, vulnerability, etc, or maybe it was just something you read that I posted that struck you in a unique way, I’d like to know.

Have I contributed in some way?

If so, today I’d like to ask you to take a moment to share your thoughts. If you believe in me, it matters.

Here’s why it matters: I have a vision.

I have creativity.

I have a voice. My voice is my power.

Your good words help me with the PUSH.

That helps with trust, and trust helps life get better for everyone around us. The only testimonial that truly matters to me is my own. No wait… That’s not true. I care what you think.

Nonetheless, nobody else can take away my self worth, or argue with me on it. But sometimes it helps to have at least one more testimonial. The more the better.

If you’re willing to write (or even better, record a video) a testimonial for me, you may post it below in the comments, or send it to

Bonus points if you’re willing to include your profile picture.

Grateful for you. Thanks.