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I share these tid bits of thought on video that document my journey as a man and father. These videos are raw, authentic, vulnerable, unpolished and on a whim. I consider myself a writer. I write every day, but these videos consist of the things I don’t write. Part of the idea behind these vlogs is to improve my communication.

Vlog #6 What I Talk About When I Talk About Healthy Living

Healthy Living is…

I have to give credit to James Altucher for introducing me to the language of healthy living. Innately, I always knew it to be true, but he gave me the language for better communication.

Physical – exercise, fitness, good sleep, proper nutrition, hydration, organ function. This provides the stamina, sustainability and optimal function to perform life.

Mental – being creative, writing down ideas, keeping a journal, anything to keep the mind sharp. This creates opportunities.

Emotional – loving yourself, having a good relationship with yourself, being reflective, choosing your own well being as #1, being independent. It’s also having quality relationships, surrounding yourself with good people and dealing with crappy people in a way that works for you.

Spiritual – being grateful. Finding the thing to be grateful for even when you don’t think there’s much to be grateful for. Finding and belonging with organized groups like church or man breakfasts or YMCA functions…stuff you can step back from and feel good about making a difference in your and/or someone else’s because of organized effort.

All four of these are required for healthy living. There needs to be balance among them but all four of them need practice else we atrophy and get weak.

My passion is to initiate these conversations with people. I feel I can make the world a better place by helping myself and others find their “Healthy Living” practice.

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Vlog #5 Pain is Growth

I’m grateful for my pain, it means I’m growing and so acute that I couldn’t ever settle for this so I’m forced into the practice of making it better. It keeps me present because change is moment by moment, one moment all the time.

I’m grateful for the love pain I feel, it’s a part of the love. It’s the full experience and it’s given me greater depth into understanding unconventional love.

Both above experiences have taught me about the level of intention required to not let my actions betray my heart.

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Vlog #4 – I just discovered this method for being nicer to my kids

Yesterday was a frustrating day with my kids. They were fighting a lot. I lost my temper. This cascaded itself all day long. Then this morning they were up at 5:45. The littlest child, Ada, was pitching a fit about everything. The oldest one, Ella, was up and wanted love.

I have this morning routine where I write down the kind of person I intend to be. Yesterday I missed it because it’s hard to do with kids around…until I decided to include them on the process.

So I said, “Look, you’re up. Yesterday was not a good day. I was upset and grouchy. Let’s talk about what ‘good Dad’ looks like.” That’s when we came up with this list of intentions. It was a good conversation.

It helped me be calm and reset myself for the day WITH my kids, together with them. Today, I modeled this behavior and tomorrow morning we’ll do it together again. This time I’ll have them do it.

I communicate what I almost know and you already sense here.

“Overnight Success” and Remarkable Communication

If you want to make six figures, I hope you started two years ago. There is seldom such a thing as over night success. I bookend my end with remarkable communication. I put my thoughts on paper with an aim on getting clear on who I want to be, want I want to represent in the world, and the stories I want to tell.

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Vlog #1 – How To Redirect Your Focus When You’re Suffering in the Moment

We all face tough moments during the day when we feel weak, and when that happens, we lose our focus, we get negative or we lash out in a way that doesn’t serve our best interests. This video explains my experience with those feelings and how I redirect my focus towards something more positive.


Shine a Light

It’s Your Birthday (50 Cent)

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