Sunday Newsletter: What I Do When “Self Care” is to Much Work

I’m reclined, listening to John Mayer’s 2006 album “Continuum.” I’m drinking a Michelob Light.

Cheers! I almost headlined this post “3 Ways to Slow Down and Take Better Care of Yourself.”

It would have smacked of the value of a healthy living practice, and how it will reward you with good health, tons of clarity, energy, and the ability to experience all the good that life has to offer for years to come.

Instead I wrote this because I think there is value is letting off the “healthy living throttle” sometimes. Try to keep an open mind.

Last night I ate three platefuls of turkey and gravy, drank seven beers, smoked a couple cigarettes and didn’t pass when it was handed to me.

The dishes didn’t get done. Neither did the laundry. All my intentions to complete chores went undone.

And today, instead of working out, I’m watching an old Richard Gere and Winona Ryder movie called Autumn in New York.

Today, I don’t give a shit about enhancing my health, preventing disease, limiting illness, or restoring health. And I feel great!

I’m not in the least concerned about reclaiming time to focus on myself amidst balancing work, family, and personal life. Nope, I’m staring at Facebook on my phone. My feet are up. I’m watching people walk by on the side walk from my front window.

This is my self care today. I have a hot bath and dark chocolate coming up this evening. Then bed at 7:45. The kids are with mom this weekend. I have nothing to answer to. I’m not answering to myself either.

My point in telling you any of this?

I’m into healthy living, but am weary of the cruel optimistic relationship to self care in which self care is envisioned primarily as a means to rejuvenate us so that we’re able to work faster and harder, which is what causes our stress to begin with.

It’s okay to tune out of self care and drop into leisure.

You like corny romance movies? (I do…)

Just to make this somewhat useful for you, I have 16 different movie recommendations. Google them and watch the trailer.

Most of these movies are corny. They are lazy, guilty pleasure movies that I like watching on late Sunday afternoons. Call me soft, but admittedly, each of these movies have brought me to tears.

16 corny romantic movies that made me cry.

1. The Song
2. The Words
3. The Choice
4. What Katy Did
5. Witness
6. A Year and Change
7. The Age of Adeline
8. The Reader
9. Autumn in New York
10. The Natural
11. Cider House Rules
12. Creed
13. Meet Joe Black
14. The Last Waltz
15. Complete Unknown
16. Pretty Woman

Reply with your romantic love story movies recommendations for me.

Don’t even think of recommending The Notebook 🙂