Eric Walker | Shaky face

We call this “shaky face.” Shaky face started at Nonna’s kitchen table. We lived with Nonna for about 3 or 4 months once upon a time, and at dinner, Ella sat at the head of the table. She was flanked by Nonna, Katie and Me. She was the center of attention. If you know Nonna, you know that dinners are decadent. We’re talking egg plant parmesan, pasta, homemade red sauce, greens, homemade bread – the works. Ella started to develop more and more of an appetite during this period of time. And we’d all be looking at her. Just staring. We’d say “Ella you’re eating,” “Ella how do you like the broccoli,” “Ella try a bite of this,” and we spoke to her, etc, etc. Ella liked this attention, and started to make faces. Silly, expressive faces with all kinds of gestures. She’d get super excited, and when she couldn’t really contain it anymore, she’d grit her teeth, and shake her face. It was SO funny. It became her signature gesture. We called it shaky face.