Morning Moves – Steal Time In Your Day To Make a Move

Here’s this week’s “morning move.” Except it didn’t happen this morning, but that’s okay because it’s not a prescription, it’s a lifestyle, it’s a theme.

Here’s what to do when you miss

Here’s the Concept Behind Morning Moves

The concept is simple: begin your day with the smallest possible “move.” Like first thing out of bed do a plank for 10 seconds. Or an inch worm. Or 25 push ups. I’ve been sending you a new “morning move” to try for seven consecutive days until the next Tuesday morning when I send you another.

– It reinforces positive feelings about yourself
– It breaks negative patterns and associations
– It produces good emotions
– It’s energizing, gets blood flow moving
– It doesn’t have to take long

The premise is that bad physiology reinforces negative feelings. I love Tony Robbins. I read his books. I listen to his videos. He says, “Motion creates emotion.” So changing your physiology means changing your mental state and breaking negative patterns. Or breaking dull patterns. Like sleep walking into the kitchen to get the coffee going. Great physiology leads to great emotions, and that is one of the keys to having a great day and/or getting unstuck.

I get out of bed and immediately perform a movement. I get out of bed and practice a positive mental statement within the “morning move” to calibrate myself for the day. All in just a few minutes of movement. It’s been so powerful for me that I want to share with you.

This Morning I Had To Steal a Different Window

I was in bed way late. I slept in. The margin between getting out of bed and getting to work were slim. So I skipped my normal routine. I drank my coffee like a zombie and found my way to work out of sheer muscle memory. Did I miss my window? No way… I stole another window. I called a friend. I took a 3 mile walk.

Every day you reinvent yourself (physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually). You’re always in motion. But you decide every moment of every day: forward or backward.

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