Morning Moves – Table Makers

The way you move determines the way you feel.

Try this move called Table Makers first thing out of bed. Watch the video below.

Every week I offer you a new “morning move” to try first thing out of bed. The premise is that bad physiology reinforces negative feelings. I love Tony Robbins. I read his books. I listen to his videos. He says, “Motion creates emotion.”

So changing your physiology means changing your mental state and breaking negative patterns. Or breaking dull patterns. Like sleep walking into the kitchen to get the coffee going. Great physiology leads to great emotions, and that is one of the keys to having a great day and/or getting unstuck.

If you’re not committed to a different path, what’s ever going to change, shift or transform?

Here’s this week’s morning move.

This is from Morning Moves

I want to be the strongest version of myself so I have a checklist every day that includes physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. More about that here

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