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— Holli Rovenger

— Natasha Hazlett

Ann Sieg 80/20 Marketing

Eric is at the top of the list – one heck of a team player. That is the most important attribute people must bring to my team. I have missed the mark here and there on this with past team building efforts, but with Eric, I really hit the bull’s eye.His next best attribute is the eagerness and constant drive he has to learn, improve and deliver.Eric is also a superb connector. As my son (and business partner) have joked that there cannot be a single person out there who doesn’t like Eric. He’s just one amazing likable and most importantly helpful teaching kind of guy.

Since bringing Eric on board what I probably love and enjoy most is that he is not a “heavy”. Meaning someone who doesn’t take energy from the projects and team but adds to it at an exponential level. As the CEO of 80/20 Marketing this is such a load off my mind.

Lastly, Eric has brought camaraderie and fresh energy into my most intimate circle of business relationships. Difficult to say how much that means to me as the team leader of 80/20 Marketing.
–Ann Sieg

Eric Walker is a phenomenal coach exemplifying “attraction marketing” to the core. He doesn’t just “talk” a good talk—he lives it. I met Eric originally through a coaching program we offered—he arrived as a leader. Eric has provided “over the top” value to our organization as a content writer and a coach. He’s assisted others successfully (with rave reviews) on subjects ranging from “how to write when you think you don’t know how” onto lead generation and over a dozen related areas in marketing and business development. If you’re seeking clarity and direction in your business, I highly recommend plugging into ANYTHING Eric offers to you. He knows his stuff and he leads by example. That’s the kind of guy you want to learn from.
- Mike Klingler

Mike Klingler
Isaiah Gehring

One of the most important elements of compelling sales copy that pulls people in and keeps them reading, is creating strong word pictures and analogies. Eric has a unique talent for this and is able to create copy that really engages the viewer. He’s also a true multimedia marketer with a wide experience with many different forms of sales and communication including speaking, one-on-one, group trainings, webinars, videos, social media, email copy and sales letters – giving him a HUGE advantage over many other one-dimensional marketers. He’s created dozens of successful promos for us, including some of our highest ROI campaigns. Work with him if you can, your business will thank you!
- Isaiah Gehring

In a world devoid of true Leadership – and where an increasing number of us are searching to discover an inner purpose and meaning as to why we are on this planet – Eric Walker leads the charge to guide us in our search for meaning, money and love. As a copywriter he uses carefully crafted words as signposts on our journey to a better life. He is a freedom fighter with a big heart who will do all he can to help you become the best you can become. Follow him and learn from him and you may just find that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow after all.
- Dave Drimmie

Dave Drimmie
Brandon Kirsch

Eric, I just want to let you know brother that your posts almost 99% of the time hit home with me and really resonate with my soul! You are truly an inspirational dude, and weather you know it or not have been instrumental in me developing a business and in life in general! I appreciate all the value you’ve added to my life and your overall approach as a human being. Keep doing what you are doing brother you never know who you’re inspiring to do great things!
- Brandon Kirsch