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The Best Town In North America

The best north american town

There’s a North American Town where the wild flowers are prettier, and the chickens lay exceptional eggs. Everything is a marvel. Everyone’s color and culture is celebrated with cakes and homemade gifts and drumming and dancing and stories around a big warm fire.

There’s a North American Town that’s a scruffy hot bed of non-conformity full of poetry, music, science, sustainability and “choose-yourself-start-up” people. The town is full of freaks, geeks, old gays, hipster activists, attachment parent enthusiasts, home birth anarchists, former students turned organic farmers; turned coffee roasters; turned vintage denim collectors; turned viral YouTube sensations.

There’s a North American Town full of good music, dive bars, hash bars, juice bars, hot dog stands, drive thru movie theaters, plays, galleries and spoken word performances from the local folks.

There’s a North American Town full of rehabbed & recycled once abandoned buildings that now have solar panels and raised garden beds on the roof. The rent is dirt cheap, and these spaces are filled with creativity. Like beds on wooden pallets, turn tables and guitars in every room, alternative movies on demand, Bukowski poems framed on the wall.

There’s a North American Town where everything is better, where all the children believe their fathers, and the water is cleaner and colder, and the sun is brighter and warmer and best will never be bettered.

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