A Single Guy’s Quick Reflection on Valentine’s Day

I have heard people call Valentine’s Day a Hallmark Holiday because it’s perceived to exist for commercial purposes. Maybe I even said that once(?) …Was I on some alpha male high horse saying I shouldn’t have to subscribe to an arbitrary occasion in order to display love and passion? Lame!

I know that in my past, I have been that lame a time or two, but today, I write this urging you not be. If you haven’t noticed, the more love you can dish out for the world, and especially that special person who means so much to you, the better life will be.

I’m single now. I love the relationship I’m developing with myself. Last night, I watched Pretty Woman and I cried at the end because I love fairy tales. I cannot tell you how many wonderful opportunities I’ve had to write my own fairy tale. I’m so grateful. I appreciate romantic love.

That fairy tale can be real if you want it to be, if you’re right with yourself. Let me just say: You are so fortunate to share with another person that loves you, and you them. Exchanging a romantic moment of resonance with another person is the ultimate drug – whether it be for an evening, a season, 7 years, a life time.

Valentine’s day is an opportunity to celebrate exactly what love is in the present moment: an ultimate connection, characterized by a flood of positive emotions, which is shared with another person. Embrace the heck out of it!

Be in that moment, celebrate that moment, prepare for that moment, succumb to that moment and do not take that moment for granted. It is truly divine. It doesn’t have to be lavish with presents, fancy dinners or flowers. Although that’s a great route to take.

Consider Valentine’s Day the Christmas of love, replete with your best dress-up version of Prince Charming. This is not hyperbole. I am not joking. Seize the moment. Not because you think it’s a societal construct that is pressuring you to do so, but because you honor what is sacred. Love is a gift to nurture.

And if you find yourself alone this year, love yourself. Or take an evening to get clear on who you’d like to meet. Write her a letter before you’ve met her. That way when you do, you already have remarkable communication to share.

Love to the 10th!

Love is the law, no limit.