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Writing from the Core, in the Spirit of Yourself

Let’s write together.

We will feed on writing examples then practice in the spirit of that work.

We will feed on our own resonant hunches, griefs, secrets, and confusions. Our writing will emerge from that place.

The emphasis will be on the process of creation. Creating texts the length of poems but for use in multiple genres which might look like letters, essays, manifestos and simple notes.

Our goal will be to know what it feels like to practice writing from the core, in the spirit of our self.

Our goal will be to find out what happens at the creative boundary of what we almost know and sense, but unsure how to articulate. Crossing that boundary is where we will find our story, our song, our remarkable communication.

We’ll write together from photos, memory, relationships, news clips, and our observations of life in-general. We’ll study readings from a range of cultural worlds. Then consider ways to incorporate varied perspectives and forms of dialogue into our daily life.

We’ll also seek beyond the “self” for material to honor the fragments, utterances, and half-discovered truths from the voices among us. We’ll tune into such overheard words and conversations, and make ourselves a scribe to these prophets.

Through writing, reading and discussion, participants will explore the ways writing from the core can strengthen writing practices, sharpen skills of observation, and make a more meaningful life.

Participants will come away from each workshop with inspired perspectives, fresh writing and new ideas.

To schedule a one on one, or group writing workshop, contact me:

Phone: 269-443-9793